1. Advancing Careers

    We help you find the right job. No more misleading job descriptions, conflicting personalities, and dead-end interviews. Now you can spend less time searching for jobs and more time advancing your career.

    Our Goal

    When we place you in a position, we want you to be genuinely happy there. That's why we're interested in learning about your career goals and personal interests. It's the only way we can make a perfect match for you and for your employer. Both of you need to be in step for a prosperous and long-term relationship.

    In order to find the position and company that are just right for you, our recruiters listen and care about your needs. Your career goals and personal interests are taken into account. Since we visit employers' worksites and interview hiring managers, we know what they are looking for in terms of technical and interpersonal skills and fit with corporate culture.

    Our Promise

    We will ask your permission before submitting your resume to a prospective employer. That gives you control of the interviewing process and ensures that we never put you in an uncomfortable position. You pursue only those positions that interest you.

Have you been eaten by the monster?

Top 3 signs you’ve been eaten by the monster...

  1. You’ve been receiving phone calls from head-hunters on the West Coast trying to pitch jobs to you that aren’t even remotely related to what you want to do, not to mention a long way from home.
  2. You’ve been going on day long excavations, sifting through a database containing millions of jobs, in an attempt to extract one that interests you.
  3. You don’t know which of the five resumes you put out there has lead to your current phone conversation.

If you’re tired of feeling chewed up and spit out, it’s time to let our personal consultants do the excavating for you! Call us at 443.285.0900. The service is free and confidential.

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